The Community Council for Police Accountability (CCPA) is a Nonprofit Organization.


The goal is to develop a comprehensive plan that results in a nationally coordinated campaign aimed at requiring police officers to carry professional liability insurance.

Officers will maintain all of the legal representation rights afforded to them as agents of their cities/departments.

The desired outcome of our proposal is to secure legislation that requires law enforcement officers to carry a $1 million dollar professional liability policy while engaged in their law enforcement duties. The policy would be used to cover the deductible the city pays and cover the first million dollars when a civil judgment is awarded for misconduct or alleged misconduct.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Greater police officer accountability
  • Reduced tax payer liability
  • Greater sense of public trust
  • Peer accountability –creates a performance management system as fellow officers who witness but fail to stop or report misconduct will also share in the liability

With increased occurrences of excessive/deadly force and the numerous shootings of unarmed citizens, the public is crying out for police reform. Police Liability Insurance will remind officers that All lives matter and encourage them to make wiser decisions when engaging the public.