The Community Council for Police Accountability (CCPA) is a Nonprofit Organization.


Q: Is this an anti-police bill?
A: No. We need the police and respect the tough and often thankless job they have. This bill is about accountability for misconduct in the performance of police duties.

Q: Why is this bill needed?
A: A known management concept that when people are held accountable to themselves and their stakeholders, good things get done. Without accountability, a person is technically free to do whatever he/she likes. Tax payers lose millions each year to pay for police misconduct settlements. Officers pay nothing, which has bred a culture of poor judgement, insensitive and bad behavior.
In short this bill will reduce the taxpayer burden, and modify police behavior by making them fiscal stakeholders in the civil judgments that emanate from misconduct.

Q: Does an officer have to pay for his/her own defense in cases of misconduct?
A: No. The officer maintains all of his/her employee benefits or rights (union representation, legal representation by City Attorney etc.

Q: Does this bill release the city from its liability for the officer?
A: No. The government agency is still responsible for the police officers actions. The liability insurance assists in the payment of misconduct judgments or settlements.

Q: Why does CCPA need donations?
A: It costs to have an initiative put on the ballot (advertisement, petition drives, legal fees etc) California State Senator Mark Leno stated “it takes a million dollars plus to get enough signatures for the ballot” in California.